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2023 PR Warden’s Banquet

On the remarkable evening of November 18th, the charming village of Vankleek Hill took center stage as the prestigious Prescott Russell Wardens Banquet unfolded. This event was a splendid opportunity...

Discover the Harvest of Innovation: Eastern Ontario Business Journal Fall Edition

Are you ready to embark on a journey through the bountiful landscape of Eastern Ontario's agri-food industry? The Fall edition of the Eastern Ontario Business Journal is your passport to...
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EOAN is out there

SavourEastOn in the Wild

Quick Steps to Win! 1. Find our Savour East On branded truck with the QR code.2. Scan the QR code using your phone.3. Take a selfie with the truck.4. Post...

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Eastern Ontario is thriving with fantastic and entrepreneurial farmers and producers of food and beverages. Get to know them better!

Ferme Butte et Bine Farm
When nature, community & passion converge, anything is possible.
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Jamink Farm
We are your farmers!! Committed to producing natural food for our community.
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Good Food Garden
Good Food Garden is a biodiverse market garden that grows a wide range of vegetables organically
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A Cup of Kindness Tea Co.
A Cup of Kindness Tea Co. wants to help protect our planet. Unfortunately tea does not grow in Canada. If it did, it’d be bought locally!
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Joyful Coffee
Discover the heartwarming story of Joyful Coffee, where four friends with deep ties to Rockland, unite to continue the legacy of Café Joyeux.
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Embrace the essence of our community! Become a Savour East Ontario Ambassador and join a movement that celebrates local flavors and fosters meaningful connections. By becoming a member (only 35$ per year!), you’re not just supporting our local producers; you’re nurturing our regional identity, strengthening our economy, and savoring the vibrant tapestry of Eastern Ontario’s agri-food heritage. Join us in this flavorful journey – one delicious bite at a time!

If you are a producer or agri-food initiative and want to be featured on SavourEastOn, join the Eastern Ontario Agri-Food Network today!
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