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Café Joyeux - Joyful Coffee

Discover the heartwarming story of Joyful Coffee, where four friends with deep ties to Rockland, Ontario, united to continue the legacy of Café Joyeux. Committed to serving the finest coffee, offering exceptional service, and nurturing genuine connections, they aim to create a vibrant community hub where people come together over a cup of joy. Join their mission of empowering the community and enjoy high-quality coffee that inspires collaboration and celebrates Franco-Ontarian entrepreneurship.

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Café Joyeux – Joyful Coffee
1600 Laurier Street, Rockland, ON K4K 1C7, Canada

Opening Hours, Dates

Monday : CLOSED
Tuesday : CLOSED
Wednesday : 09:00am – 16:00pm
Thursday : 09:00am – 16:00pm
Friday : 09:00am – 16:00pm
Saturday : 09:00am – 16:00pm
Sunday : 09:00am – 16:00pm

About Us

At the core of Joyful Coffee lies a heartwarming tale of friendship and community. Four close friends, deeply connected to Rockland, Ontario, were drawn to the undeniable charm and potential of Café Joyeux when they heard it was available. Recognizing that Café Joyeux is an integral part of their community, the prospect of carrying on the vision set by Adlan and Mike resonated profoundly with them.

Their commitment is unwavering. They are wholeheartedly dedicated to upholding Café Joyeux’s core values: serving the finest coffee, delivering exceptional service, and fostering a warm, inviting atmosphere that encourages genuine connections. In their mission to serve the wonderful people of Rockland and beyond, these four friends are excited to embark on this thrilling journey together.

Their mission is clear: to empower their community by acting as its hub. They aspire to inspire Rockland residents to showcase the essence of community care to neighboring cities. Joyful Coffee represents a community that deeply cares for one another, and their high-quality products serve as an inspiration for community leaders to be creative and collaborate with them. Through these collaborations, they aim to demonstrate the unwavering support of the province for women-led and Franco-Ontarian businesses.

But it’s not just about business; it’s also about passion. They are determined to serve the best coffee possible. This goal will be achieved by roasting their coffee in-house, ensuring meticulous attention to detail, and preparing their coffee products to the highest standards.

Their vision is simple yet powerful: to serve good coffee, care for others, and foster an inclusive community. Joyful Coffee isn’t just a place for coffee; it’s a place where community spirit thrives, where every cup is a symbol of togetherness, and where the essence of Rockland is celebrated with every sip. Join us in this joyful adventure!

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