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Le Verger d'Avondale - The Avondale's Orchard

The farm consists of a permaculture orchard of fruit trees, hazelnuts and berries. We also grow garlic, squash and asparagus, and raise a small flock of sheep and lambs on pasture. We offer our products at local markets, on delivery or directly at the farm.

Le Verger d’Avondale – The Avondale’s Orchard
19094 County Road 25, Apple Hill, ON, Canada

Opening Hours, Dates

By appointment
9a.m. – 5p.m.
In the summer, a self-service stand is available at the entrance.

About Us

We are proud to say that the project is different from conventional agriculture, which is synonymous with pollution, disrespect for the principles of life, debt and dependence on multinationals seeking above all to make a profit. Our farm started small, and is progressing step by step, supporting a model of sustainable agriculture, thanks to the application of permaculture principles, and as much organic farming as possible.

The project involved creating a permaculture orchard of fruit trees, hazelnuts and berries. The orchard is also home to a number of crops, including garlic, squash and asparagus… Finally, since we’re trying to limit our dependence on inputs such as petrol and fertilizers, we’ve also created an organic farm. Raising a small flock of sheep and lambs on pasture enables us to create an autonomous virtuous circle. For us, they are essential auxiliaries that help us mow, enrich the soil, limit greenhouse gas emissions, feed several families and ourselves, and offer them respectful living conditions.

Cucumber picking

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