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Ferme Houle Farm

Our goal is to provide the most nutritious food with the smallest carbon footprint. The certified organic grains we grow are milled at the farm and fed to our animals. All of our animals are raised on pasture for as long as possible during the season. No GMOs, no pesticides, no hormones and no antibiotics.

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Ferme Houle Farm
2300 Prescott and Russell County Road 2, Curran, Alfred and Plantagenet, ON, Canada

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Not open to the public

About Us

We offer Certified Organic vegetables such as sweet corn and potatoes. Our meats (pork, chicken, and turkey) are raised organically with Certified Organic grains. Our primary goal on the farm is to provide the highest quality, most nutritious food to our customers. Being both organic and regenerative is the only way we know how to accomplish this. As such, we are trying really hard to adopt the best practices to ensure our soil is as healthy as possible and actually getting healthier. We also try to provide the healthiest, most natural, living conditions for all our livestock. Our hogs, chickens and turkeys are all raised with free access to pasture as soon as they are old enough. We grow specific crops in the pasture so that our livestock has a healthy treat to eat. These animals get to enjoy a natural environment protected from predators with a high quality feed to ensure optimal health.

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