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La Binerie Plantagenet is a Franco-Ontarian company that produces over two tons of beans per week. The company produces four types of beans including vegetarian, breakfast, maple syrup and traditional with bacon. They also offer catering services. The Lapensée family is proud to continue the tradition of the business started many decades ago by the Lalonde and Lapensée family.


In addition to being the specialist in beans, La Binerie Plantagenet offers many other ready-to-eat meals: beef bourguignon, chili, various pâtés, lasagna, stews, tourtières, pies, spaghetti sauce and the list goes on!


The business started in 1977, owned by Paulin and Marielle Lapensée, the parents of Alain, the present owner, and was named La Binerie à Paulin. In 1990, Alain decided to buy the business while counting on the help of his parents and his sisters and brother. In 2000, they merged with les Fèves au lard Lalonde and years later, they bought the shares of his partners who wanted to retire. Then, Chloé Lapensée, daughter of Alain Lapensée, officially joined the ranks of La Binerie along with her uncle Luc and aunt Chantal who decided to return to the family business.

Since 2020, La Binerie has been making a lot of changes within the company with a new e-commerce website, a new logo and a decision to focus more on its home-style frozen products.


Alain says that he started helping his parents with La Binerie at a very young age and it was a natural fit for him to follow in their footsteps in the family business. He is passionate about his business and very proud of what they have accomplished over the years. Chloe says she also started working at La Binerie at a young age. She remembers at the age of 5 her father would bring her to La Binerie and she would glue labels on the containers. At 23, she decided to work at La Binerie full-time while pursuing a master’s degree in Business Management part time. She is passionate about the entrepreneurial world and is very grateful to be able to work with my dad every day.


They say they are very blessed to have staff that have been with them for years, some for 20 to 30 years. They are the reason they have been able to expand their business in the last few years and ensure quality products.


They are very excited to expand their store in Plantagenet for 2023. They will be renovating the interior of the store to bring it up to date and add many local products to represent our region.

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