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Melanie Willard, the founder of Willard Creation small business, is a passionate and adventurous individual. She started her business in March 2023, providing cheese & charcuterie boards, grazing tables, and boxed grazing lunches for events of all sizes.  Melanie is committed to supporting local farmers & suppliers whenever possible and serves Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec.

Her journey into entrepreneurship began as a hobby, where she initially prepared boards for friends and family. Eventually, she realized the potential for a business and decided to pursue it further. In addition to her small business, Melanie is also a speaker and author who equips frontline organizations on burnout, compassion fatigue and resilience.  As an author, she wrote her true story of triumph over tragedy entitled “Dare to be Raw.” In it, she candidly shares how she overcame many challenges including domestic violence, addictions, PTSD, burnout, suicide and cancer.

Melanie specializes in creating eye pleasing & mouth-watering catering experiences.  She can deliver a simple spread or a decadent feast!  Her creativity shines through her work as she strives to make each creation beautiful & one of a kind, ensuring a personal touch for her clients.

Melanie’s pricing model is personalized and adaptable to accommodate any budget. She understands that different clients may have varying financial constraints, so she tailors her offerings accordingly. This approach allows Melanie to cater to a wide range of clients and ensures that everyone can enjoy her creations regardless of their budget. 

Overall, Melanie loves helping & serving others in different ways through her small businesses.  Check her out at

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